HGTV’s Erin and Ben Napier shot to fame while renovating historic properties in Laurel, Mississippi, and have become local real estate experts. The Home Town stars own a stunning estate in the small town as well as a gorgeous second home just a short distance away.

Everything to Know About Erin and Ben Napier’s Craftsman Cottage

When she was in junior high, Erin first laid eyes on the 1925 craftsman cottage that would eventually become her home years later. The graphic designer met Ben in college and shared with him her dream to one day own the property. Her wish came true after their 2008 wedding when they were able to purchase the gorgeous Laurel house.

“We really live on the front porch,” Erin gushed over the cozy abode. “We have breakfast out there every morning, my family comes over for porch lunch every Friday and our friends come over for supper after work. We lie on the porch bed and read on lazy Sunday afternoons.”

In January 2018, Erin and Ben welcomed their first child together, daughter Helen. Their second daughter, Mae, was born in May 2021. The couple used their design expertise to renovate adorable rooms for their daughters in their home

Erin and Ben Napier Daughter Helen: Photos of Eldest Child
Courtesy of Erin Napier/Instagram

Erin and Ben love cooking meals together in the dreamy kitchen, which features a farmyard-style table built by the woodworker himself. The pair also have so many family photographs hanging on the walls.

“Our walls are covered with the people we love, our grandparents and parents,” Erin wrote in an Instagram post. “Our people were young and silly and adventurous, they shaped who we are and what we become and their presence everywhere we turn makes home feel the way it should.”

Erin and Ben Napier Recently Purchased a Vacation Home 

In the spring of 2021, Ben saw a listing for a Tudor home in Mississippi that he knew his wife would be crazy about. 

“I was in love immediately — and that scared me to death,” Erin admitted after seeing the listing. “I thought, ‘We don’t need another house … but maybe we do.’”

The duo decided to buy the house and document the renovation process on Home Town. Erin and Ben are so happy to have a second country escape to travel to with their daughters.  

“I grew up on a 40-acre chicken farm and would pick out a baby chick to be my pet every time a new load would come,” Erin said. “My playtime consisted of climbing a lot of trees and digging for arrowheads in the woods. That’s not something our girls can do in town. I want their bathwater to be dirty at the end of the day, so it means they weren’t just playing on screens.”