Traveling abroad with a family of five isn’t always a seamless process. Today host Dylan Dreyer shared the relatable travel mishap that she suffered after arriving in Europe with her three sons and her husband, Brian Fichera

“Family vacation!” Dylan, 41, captioned a July 22 Instagram post. “Little did we know these would be the clothes for the whole trip because our luggage is lost in Amsterdam. We’re not in Amsterdam. All that work packing.” 

Three days later, Dylan shared an update on how her kids, Calvin, Oliver and Russell, were fairing after losing their luggage. 

“Who needs luggage when you’ve got your family??” the meteorologist asked her Instagram followers. “Laughing through lost luggage and extreme heat in Sicily! What a trip!”

Despite facing several challenges along the way, it still seems like Dylan and Brian, 36, were able to enjoy the moments they got to spend with their little ones during their travels. Dylan snapped photos of her children enjoying pasta, pizza, bread and other delicious-looking dishes in the many restaurants Sicily has to offer. 

Dylan Dreyer and Brian Fichera pose with their family in Italy
Courtesy of Dylan Dreyer/Instagram

They also headed out to explore the historic landmarks and met up with other members of Brian’s family who decided to make the trip. On Tuesday, July 25, Dylan appeared virtually on Today to dish about her getaway and the series of unfortunate events. 

“We’re traveling with 16 people,” she told viewers in a segment filmed live from Catania, Italy. “We’ve lost 13 pieces of luggage.”

As for how her other family members were dealing with not having their clothes and personal items with them, Dylan shared that they were still learning to cope with their lost luggage situation. 

“The hotel was nice enough to actually give us nightgowns and stuff. So, I took my bathrobe, tied it around my waist, untucked the nightgown a little bit, just to make myself a dress because I’ve been wearing the same pants since Friday,” she said. “Just washing them in the sink, hanging them outside like they do here.”

Prior to heading out on the family vacation, Dylan shared that she and Calvin, 6, took a trip to the nail salon. 

“Dragged Cal with me to get my nails done,” she captioned a cute photo with her eldest child on July 20. “He liked the free massage chair. #boymom.” 

The little one giggled while sitting in the massage chair and read a book as his mom got her nails done nearby. For Dylan and many other parents, it’s heartwarming moments like those that help make even the most stressful situations seem worth it!