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Dylan Dreyer’s Son Oliver Is Cute as Can Be! See Photos of the ‘Today’ Host’s Middle Child

Today host Dylan Dreyer is a mom of three adorable boys, Calvin, Oliver and Russell, whom she shares with her husband, Brian Fichera. The meteorologist got candid about what it was like for Oliver to adjust to being the middle child after the birth of Russell in September 2021. 

“He’s adjusting,” Dylan told her Today costars in October 2021 of her middle son’s reaction to the new baby. “He doesn’t really understand the word gentle. We’re trying to teach him that word. There’s a lot of jumping on the couch. We have to keep the baby away from the couch, or else he’s just going to get stepped on.”

Oliver was born in January 2020. He’s four years younger than Calvin, who arrived in December 2016. Dylan shared the inspiration behind Oliver’s name during a Today segment shortly after he was born. 

“We had to pick up Brian’s suit from a store called Oliver Brown and there were just all these signs, and we were like, ‘Yeah, I think Oliver’s it,’” the mom of three revealed. 

In posts shared on Dylan’s Instagram account over the years, it’s clear that all three of the Fichera boys love spending time with each other, from sharing toys to their cute bedtime rituals. The NBC star revealed that her sons all sleep in the same bedroom in their New York City apartment. 

In January 2022, the weather forecaster posted a picture of her kids’ room to share a glimpse of their life at home. Oliver and Russell sleep in a bunk bed while Rusty’s crib sits in another corner of the room. Bunking together has helped the siblings bond with each other even more. 

“‘You have to move,’ they said. ‘You’ll never fit in your apartment,’ they said. ‘Time for a bigger place,’ they said. This is how you do it in NYC. I think they all fit just fine … for now,” Dylan captioned the photo of the bedroom. 

For now, it seems like the setup in the Dreyer-Fichera household is working well for the family of five. They were all so excited to celebrate Oliver’s 3rd birthday in January 2023. 

“My sweet, sweet Oliver,” Dylan’s Instagram post dedicated to the birthday boy began. “You’ve been singing and dancing to your own tune since the day you were born. You bring so much joy and love to our lives … Thank you for being you! Happy 3rd Birthday!!”

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