Less than a month after he became a grandfather for the fourth time, Dr. Mehmet Oz is opening up about his love and admiration for his four grandchildren. The beloved medical professional couldn’t help but gush about the little ones while recently attending the premiere of The Game Changers in New York City.

“I play with them all the time,” the 59-year-old — who considers himself a “doting” grandfather — exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly while walking the red carpet on Monday, September 9. “They want to see me because, when they do see me, they’re going to do something fun. I always want to do something active and I want to see how they react if things don’t go well.”

Considering he’s always on the go, Dr. Oz told Closer he’s continually trying to get his grandkids — Philomena “Philo,” 5; Jovan, 3; Domenica, 1; and the newest addition, 1-month-old Giovanna — to join along. “My wife says I’m a meddler because I nudge them all the time,” he adorably joked of Lisa Oz. “I want them to swim in the pool with me, running around, going places. I took them apple picking and the Renaissance Festival yesterday and the dress up. They have to do everything full speed.”

The YOU: Staying Young author also dished that he loves spoiling his grandkids to no end! When asked if he likes to go overboard with the kiddos, Dr. Oz replied, “Terribly.”

“See the good thing about being a grandparent is you can give them back — plus it’s appropriate payback to your kids,” the TV personality said while aiming his joke at daughter Daphne Oz, who shares all four of her children with husband John Jovanovic.

However, there are some restrictions. “Yesterday we went apple picking and at the end of apple picking they had ice cream which I think is fine,” he explained when asked if he buys Daphne’s children junk food. “Then they saw candy rocky things in different colors and they started moaning and groaning about it so I bought them. Then they wanted cinnamon donuts so I got them. So the answer is yes, but I would deny it publicly.” LOL!

Prior to his fourth grandchild’s arrival, Dr. Oz opened up about gearing up for another tot. “The best thing about having more children is you can play zone defense!” the doctor exclusively told Closer Weekly in April. “You can actually let the older children help with the younger children and they want to do that anyway.”

Dr. Oz is one amazing grandfather!

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