The more, the merrier when it comes to kids — at least according to Dr. Mehmet Oz. The daytime host, 58, who has four children of his own, is about to become a grandfather for the fourth time as his eldest daughter, Daphne, 33, is expecting a girl. The little one will join Daphne’s other kids — Philo, 5, Jovan Jr., 3, and Domenica, 1.

“The best thing about having more children is you can play zone defense!” the doctor exclusively told Closer Weekly in the magazine’s latest issue, on newsstands now, at the HealthCorps 13th Annual Gala in New York City. “And you can actually let the older children help with the younger children, and they want to do that anyway.”

Daphne and husband John Jovanovic, 32, “always thought we would have a big family,” she tells Closer. “I love the chaos of it. I love the family celebrations, the mealtimes with 20 or 30 relatives around a table.” Dr. Oz says he’s sure Daphne is up to the task of helping to raise a big family. “She’s very good at it,” he says. “I’m so proud of her.”

Being a grandfather is something Dr. Oz wouldn’t want to trade for the world! He previously told Closer that having grandkids gives his life more meaning. “The beautiful thing about being a grandfather is that you see the joy that you had as a father in your child. So there’s a multiplier effect,” he explained. “Plus, you have the joy of the grandchild, and the best part — you can give them back!”

Although being a grandad is great, the TV personality hopes to teach the young kids in his family what it means to fail at something that they really care about. “I want them to deal with failure. I want them to realize that it’s the joy of overcoming an obstacle that makes life worth living,” he said. “If they get that one lesson from me, I’m good!”

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