Too cute! Dr. Mehmet Oz‘s grandchildren Philomena and John Jr. recently made a guest appearance on the health expert’s popular daytime talk show and their appearance was nothing short of adorable. “My all-time favorite guests are on the show today,” The Dr. Oz Show host captioned a few Instagram Stories of their visit. In one of the adorable snapshots, his two eldest grandkids can be seen squeezing into a makeup chair together as they get ready to hit the stage with their wellness guru grandpa.

In a second photo that Dr. Oz shared, Philomena, 4, and John Jr., 3, are pictured waiting outside the door to the stage. “John is just a little excited!” Dr. Oz captioned the sweet snapshot. It looks like Dr. Oz, 58, had his grandkids on the show for an extremely important segment: slime-making! Joined by his daughter and the kids’ mama, Daphne Oz, the four stood on-stage in front of the cameras making slime… how fun! Take a look at the adorable photos shared by Dr. Oz below!


How cool would it be to guest star on your grandpa’s talk show while making slime? It doesn’t surprise us that Dr. Oz made this happen considering he’s admitted to spoiling his adorable grandkids. In February 2017, the TV health expert revealed he loves being a fun grandpa to Daphne’s kids.

“They know they can get anything they want from me!” Dr. Oz told People. “I spoil them with toys.” But he’s not referring to just typical toys like action figures, LEGOS, or Barbies. “We bought Philo an ice cream cart,” the proud grandpa shared. “There’s no ice cream in it, but she pretends to sell it to us. She’s very commercial!”

Not only does he love spoiling his grandkids with toys, but Dr. Oz also loves spoiling them by spending quality time together! According to Daphne, the dad-of-four secretly loves when she goes away on a business trip. “I don’t pay well, but he’s always on deck,” Daphne dished to Closer Weekly last February of her dad’s love of babysitting. “The kids are obsessed with my parents! They just have the best time together.”

Luckily for Dr. Oz, he has one more grandchild to be thankful for today after Daphne welcomed baby No. 3 last December. The 32-year-old gave birth to her youngest daughter, Domenica Celine, with her husband, John Jovanovic. So cute!