If there’s one thing Daphne Oz wants, it’s a big family! The former star of The Chew — who is pregnant with baby No. 3! — just revealed that she wants a lot of kids someday.

Daphne, 31, told Fit Pregnancy, “This time I had blood work done to confirm I was pregnant. When the doctor told me the news, I got this huge grin on my face and called my husband immediately. I love being pregnant. I always joke with him that I want seven kids. We’ll see what number we actually get to.” Too cute!

The foodie and her husband, John Jovanovic — who she wed in 2010 — are already parents to a daughter, Philo, 3, and son Jovan, 23 months. She told the news outlet the sweet story of how she told her little ones that they were getting another sibling. “I told Philomena, ‘We are having a baby girl, and she’s coming around Christmas, like a present.’ She looked at me and, in all seriousness, said, ‘Oh man! I was really hoping for a dinosaur.’ It was so cute,” Daphne said. “Now, she’s excited. She kisses my belly and says, ‘How’s Sugar? Isn’t she done cooking yet?’ But her brother is younger, so he either doesn’t understand or maybe he just doesn’t care. He’s such a dude.”

But there’s someone who’s even more excited for Daphne’s new addition, and that’s her famous dad, Dr. Oz! In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, she gushed about what a hands-on grandfather he is to her children — and shared that he loves babysitting! “I don’t pay well, but he’s always on deck,” she said. And he’ll have a lot of babysitting dates coming up, too. “He’s so excited about adding one more to his brood of grandchildren,” Daphne added. “The kids are obsessed with my parents! They just have the best time together.”

This new chapter has even strengthened her marriage with John. “Having children with someone makes you vulnerable. You have no ability to hide anything anymore. You are so stripped down because you need all that mental, emotional, and physical support,” she told Fit Pregnancy. “Parenthood helps you let things roll off your back too. You realize what’s important compared to the stupid things you used to fight over.” We can’t wait to meet the couple’s new bundle of joy come December!