Haters, back off! Daphne Oz opened up in a new interview about how she deals with critics who slam her for flaunting her baby bump on social media. The TV personality — who is eight months pregnant and expecting baby No. 3 with husband John Jovanovic — told the Daily Mail that she has no time for mom-shamers.

“I think it is very important for moms to be able to feel sexy. Every once in a while I put up a picture of me in a bikini, and every once in a while someone will write back and [say], ‘My kids look at this!’” the 31-year-old told the outlet. “And I am like, ‘Dude, I am in a bikini. My child is in the picture. This is not pornography. What’s wrong with you?’”

Daphne, who is already mom of daughter Philomena, 3, and son Jovan, 23 months, also told the Daily Mail that she is sick of women forcing their values and beliefs on other women who have also had children. “We have this expectation of this sort of like puritanical-like Virgin Mary thing around motherhood, and I think that is so silly. Part of me just wants to be like, ‘How do you think I got pregnant? Where do you think this happened?’” she said, adding that becoming a “mother doesn’t mean you have to stop being yourself.”

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According her Daphne, her penchant for posting bikini pics is not for the attention or “likes.” Instead, she is hoping to encourage other women to embrace their bodies at every stage in life. “It’s much easier for me to do in pregnancy because I am obviously in this mode,” she admitted. “It’s much harder for me to feel that empowered and feel that optimistic when I am post-pregnancy and in that ‘trying to get to get back in shape’ mode, because it just takes me a really long time.”

While she admitted the mean comments online trolls hurl her way “sting for a second,” Daphne’s found a way to silence her haters. “It is literally the last thing I care about,” the soon-to-be mother-of-three said. “The only time I will respond is if I feel there is a teachable moment.”