Now it all makes sense! Fans of daytime TV have been curious about one thing — Is Daphne Oz related to Dr. Oz? Turns out, Daphne is Dr. Oz’s 31-year-old daughter, and the pair has quite the great father-daughter bond! In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, the mom-of-two gushed about her old man and revealed he’s been a big factor in her personal success.

“Every time I’m with him I feel like I’m learning constantly. That’s his life. He is an endlessly curious person. He never feels like he’s done learning, therefore he always has really cool stuff to share,” Daphne — who announced her exit from The Chew in August — told Closer. However, Daphne noted that although she and her father have a lot in common, they’re not completely the same person. “I feel like viewers on The Chew see that I’m not really his spitting image,” she added. “I don’t know that we’ll ever have a show together.”

Daphne also grew up with Dr. Oz before he was so prominent in the public eye. “People forget that I didn’t grow up with ‘Dr. Oz.’ He was a great heart surgeon but he wasn’t on Oprah until I was late in high school and he didn’t have his own show until I was in college,” Daphne shared.

And even though he’s so busy today, he still makes time for his grandkids, Philomena, 3, and one-year-old John Jr. He’s even admitted that he can’t resist giving the little ones sweet treats sometimes. “Yesterday we were coming home late, and I gave them chocolates. I thought, eh, it’s caffeine. It’ll wear off,” he told Closer in a previous exclusive interview. “They are unique because they bring youth to our lives.”

Sweetly enough, Daphne — who is now expecting her third baby with husband John Jovanovic — is grateful for her dad Dr. Oz and mom Lisa Oz’s relationship with her children. “The kids are obsessed with my parents! They just have the best time together,” she said. So cute!