Couples transform over time, and Dr. Mehmet Oz has exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly that he and his wife, Lisa Oz, 54, are no exception. “My No. 1 thing is to reinvent the relationship every seven years,” Dr. Oz, 57, told Closer, adding regular retreats to their home in Palm Beach, FL, serve as great opportunities to check in with each other.

“We have been married 32 years — she has changed so much, so I have to refind her [at times],” the daytime talk show host explained. “We don’t talk to anybody, or do anything, and we just hang together because you have got to reconnect."

The couple has four kids together, son Oliver and daughters Daphne, Arabella, and Zoe. In a previous exclusive interview with Closer, Daphne revealed that he always babysits her kids! “I don’t pay well, but he’s always on deck,” she shared. "The kids are obsessed with my parents! They just have the best time together."

And Dr. Oz loves it! In fact, he can't resist giving them a few sweet treats. "Yesterday we were coming home late, and I gave them chocolates. I thought, eh, it’s caffeine. It’ll wear off," he told Closer. "They are unique because they bring youth to our lives." So sweet!

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