A beautiful goodbye. Dr. Oz confirmed through his Instagram that his father, Mustafa, passed away on Saturday, February 9. And while it was a sad day, the talk show host decided to share some lovely words about the dad he loved very much.

Dr. Oz, 58, took it to the social media platform to inform all his followers and fans the unfortunate news of his father’s passing at the age of 94. While the cause of death has not yet been revealed, Mustafa’s son did want to share these words: “Dad changed everyone who met him. I remember as a child running behind his fast-moving legs while he made hospital rounds. Even as he aged and his legs no longer raced along, his mind never slowed down. I fell in love with medicine after witnessing my dad do sometimes painful procedures on desperately sick patients who subsequently thanked him for saving their lives.”

He added, “The opportunity to help is a powerful aphrodisiac and the responsibility to act should not be squandered, so he insisted that he and his children were ‘The Best’, a contagious admonition.” Take a look at the lovely photos below.

The cardiac surgeon’s daughter, Daphne, also shared quite the tribute on her Instagram, as she posted a photo that shows her grandfather, her grandmother Suna and Dr. Oz as a baby. She captioned it, “He was a brilliant surgeon, filled with the most relentless work ethic and pursuit of perfection. He loved to tell the story of when he came to America after completing medical school as a lifelong scholarship student in Turkey and his mother told the pilot to ‘fly slow and low to the ground!’ He was funny, fearless, tough, and the best bazaar bargainer. We will miss you, Buyuk Baba.”

Like his son, Mustafa also worked as a surgeon, and worked in Turkey as the head of Surgical Sciences Faculty of Istanbul Science University. May he rest well now.