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New Photos Show Doria Ragland After Not Being Invited To Spend Christmas With The Royals

While many members of the royal family joined together for their annual walk to St. Mary Magdelene’s church, there were a few faces that were missing from the group. One very important person not there? Meghan Markle‘s mom, Doria Ragland.

That’s right, folks. After many reports suggested that the 62-year-old was about to be invited by Queen Elizabeth to join the royals at Sandringham on Christmas, that apparently fell through because Doria was nowhere to be seen on the day. In the end, photos showed Meghan walking with Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Prince William, and even Kate Middleton. But yep, her mom was not there.

Meghan and Doria
Getty Images

Earlier this month, royal expert Duncan Larcombe told Town and Country magazine that he never expected Doria to be allowed to come walk with the family. “The blood that runs through the royals’ veins is the blood of tradition,” Duncan told the outlet. “They represent everything that is traditional. And the Queen’s Christmas Sandringham gathering has always been for immediate family and immediate family only. For example, Carole and Michael Middleton have never been invited to join the royals for Christmas at Sandringham. Going back to Princess Diana, her mother, even when she was a widow, was never invited.” Duncan added, “And that wouldn’t be a snub to her. It’s just they are sticklers for tradition in the royal family.”

So what did Doria do while the royals were out and about waving at people and posing? Well according to the photos below Doria spent her Christmas like any other day. And apparently that includes going through the mail.

Scroll below to check out some new photos of Doria after not being invited to Sandringham.

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