He’s bearing it all! After Donny Osmond told his fans to ask him “anything” on social media, they didn’t hesitate to send him a few burning questions. Taking to his Instagram stories on Tuesday, January 14, Donny sent a sweet reply to a fan who wanted to know his secret to a lasting marriage.

Since the 62-year-old singer has been married to Debbie Osmond since 1978, he knew exactly what to say. “I suspect a lot of people approach marriage wondering what their spouse can do to make them happy,” he wrote above a picture of him and Debbie together. “I believe the key to a successful marriage is focusing instead on what you can do to bring your spouse happiness.” We like that answer!


In their more than 40 years as a married couple, Donny and Debbie have welcomed five kids — Donald, 40, Jeremy, 38, Brandon, 34, Christopher, 29 and Joshua, 21 — together. He opened up about the day they met in a sweet Facebook post he shared in May 2016. “I first met Debbie when she was 15 years old. She was the hot babe cheerleader in town and she dated my brother Jay before she dated me,” he explained. “It took me 3 whole years to win her heart and convince her to marry me.”

“We’ve shared a wonderful life together. Debbie gave me five wonderful sons. We now have 3 beautiful daughters-in-law. With the way she looks, who would ever believe that a woman that lovely is a grandmother 8 times?!” he continued. “Even after 38 years of marriage, she is still a very hot babe!”

It’s true, Donny and Debbie share an unbreakable bond. It’s almost like the one he has with his sister, Marie Osmond. The two performed together in Las Vegas at the Flamingo resort for 11 years and, in a previous interview with Closer Weekly, Marie, 60, revealed why she and her brother are so close.

Donny Osmond and wife Debbie

“There’s this thing called DNA that kind of like makes you close,” she laughed. “Donny and I, we have so much history together. Even though we had our own careers and I did my thing for years and he did his, I mean, we’re family.”

“It’s interesting because I was talking to a friend of mine,” she added. “I said, ‘I don’t really see any other brother-sister [duo] out there who have done the things we’ve done together.’” She’s right!

Marie and Donny are one in a million, just like Debbie and her hubby!

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