Hilary Farr’s design pursuits have taken her all over the world — and she’s fallen in love with so many gorgeous houses along the way! The Love It or List It star shocked cohost David Visentin during a September 2022 episode of the series when she revealed plans to purchase a new home. Scroll below to find out if Hilary still lives in her iconic Canada house.

Where Does Hilary Farr Live?

When Hilary began her HGTV journey in 2008, fans got to learn the history behind her gorgeous Toronto home. The British-Canadian designer recalled raising her son, Josh Farr, whom she shares with ex-husband Gordon Farr, in the house.

“This is where my son was growing up,” Hilary said while showing off her property during a Today segment in July 2020. “It was full of hairy, smelly teenage boys raiding the fridge, and making a horrible mess and being noisy, which was fine, I would just close the doors and hang out in my space.”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show actress spent most of her time in her Toronto home at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s an interesting design because it works very well in the world of COVID by chance. I like the concept of open plan but I also like the idea of being able to close those spaces off,” Hilary told Heavy.com about the layout of her home in June 2021. “So, my solution is to not go fully open but make extra-large openings and then use pocket doors. So, you just have a very large opening, with absolute connection between the spaces when the doors are retracted into the walls.”

During season 19 of Love It or List It, Hilary toyed with the idea of purchasing a second home. She fell in love with a small cottage in Raleigh, North Carolina, and decided to buy it. A full demolition and renovation was required to make the space livable and she has expressed no regrets in doing so.

The living room inside of Hilary Farr's North Carolina home
Courtesy of Hilary Farr/Instagram

Why Did Hilary Farr Buy a New Home?

For Hilary, buying another house was an easy decision once she pictured herself living a quiet life in the countryside.

“I saw it. I loved it. I bought it. I didn’t look at anything else,” she reflected during the episode. “I’ve always had big houses and now I want to consider a different lifestyle. I like the idea of living in a smaller, but fabulous space.”

In her design plans for her new abode, Hilary made sure to include bedrooms for each of her three grandchildren when they come and visit. Though she has been spending a ton of time at her new cottage in the U.S., the TV host has not yet announced any plans to sell her longtime Toronto home.