Love It or List It host Hilary Farr is no stranger to helping clients make major decisions about their beautiful homes. When she’s not filming for one of her hit HGTV shows, the British-Canadian designer is spending time with her son, Josh Farr, and her beautiful grandkids. 

Hilary was born in Canada in 1952. She later moved to London, performing in theater and maintaining an interest in interior design growing up. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she continued to pursue both passions, renovating houses and landing film roles. Her biggest role, by far, came in 1975 when she portrayed Betty Munroe in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She met Canadian television producer Gordon Farr, and the pair were married in 1982. 

‘Love It or List It’ Host Hilary Farr’s Son: Meet Josh Farr
Courtesy of Hilary Farr/Twitter

They welcomed one child together, Josh, during their marriage which lasted more than two decades. The couple divorced in 2008. Hilary continued to travel back and forth from California to Canada to film Love It or List It. She purchased a beautiful home in Toronto and was able to spend time with her son in the cozy abode. 

“This is where my son was growing up,” Hilary said during a tour of her home on Today in July 2020. “It was full of hairy, smelly teenage boys raiding the fridge, and making a horrible mess and being noisy, which was fine, I would just close the doors and hang out in my space.”

Josh is a married father of three beautiful children. His two daughters and his son joined him in a sweet video to wish Hilary a happy Mother’s Day in May 2020. 

“As you can see, I haven’t been to the barber in a while, which reminds me of a story from when I was really little and you tried to cut my hair,” he said with a smile. “You were trimming around my ear, and actually cut me and I never forgot it, so that’s why my hair is so long today. Happy Mother’s Day, we can’t wait to see you in person.” 

The Tough Love with Hilary Farr host also shared her own video on Mother’s Day in 2020. She wanted to talk about how much her late mother’s love for nature and the outdoors rubbed off on both her and Josh. 

“That love of nature is something that is an incredible legacy. My mother gave me that amongst so many other things, and now my own son also loves nature, loves animals and is passing those onto his own children, so there’s a great continuity that I see right here — my mother to me, and me to my son. That in itself is miraculous to me.”