The harmonious image of the Good Bones cast was flipped upside down once Mina Starsiak Hawk revealed there was drama going on behind the scenes of season 8. Amid the fallout, many have wondered where her current relationship with castmate Cory Miller stands and whether or not he still works for her.

Who Is Cory Miller?

As the project manager on Good Bones, Cory wore many hats during renovation projects with Mina and her mom, Karen E. Laine.

“I do walk-throughs with Mina; floorplan meetings with Mina; demo; projects with MJ; projects with Karen; landscaping with Karen; random cabinet installs requested by Mina — yeah, I do a lot of it,” he told HGTV. “I do a lot of whatever we do.”

Good Bones viewers enjoyed seeing his friendship with Karen play out on screen over the seasons. The construction aficionado also has many other hobbies outside of the home renovation world.

“I like to tinker, and a lot of people don’t know that about me,” he revealed. “I do a lot of outdoor work in my yard. I like to work on my motorcycle, the boat and stuff around the house. I’m forever extending my backyard deck. I’ve got like three add-ons to it now.”

Does Cory Miller Still Work for Mina Starsiak Hawk?

Cory is no longer working with Mina on renovation projects. In September 2023, she told listeners of her “Mina AF” podcast that he hadn’t worked for her for “some time.” Though they had been friends for more than a decade, the pair had a falling out.

“So, there’s been enough questions about Cory that I’m going to try to address this in a respectful way again, understanding that I have a platform that he maybe doesn’t have,” Mina shared on her podcast in December 2023. “Cory and I are not on speaking terms. I am positive that there are things he feels like I did to him, and I have known him since he was 11, and I’ve always had a soft spot for him.”

Cory Miller working on project
Courtesy of Karen E. Laine/Instagram

They unfollowed each other on Instagram, as they have both moved on to work on other projects since the show ended in October 2023.

“I just kind of wanted to separate that out from my world, and he probably wanted to do the same,” the realtor added. “It’s a super bummer because I have historically had a great relationship with Cory, and when things end particularly like they did, people’s colors just show a little more, which is a blessing because then I have a choice to make a different choice.”

Even though Cory and Mina’s relationship is rocky now, he is still on good terms with Karen. In December 2023, he went to visit the DIY expert’s new home in Wilmington, North Carolina, and teased that they were filming something special.

“[Cory] visited my little Wilmington house!” Karen captioned pictures on her Instagram account after reuniting with Cory. “So much fun and nice to have an extra brain and good attitude for problem solving.”

Where Does Cory Miller Work Now?

In addition to joining Karen on her journey to renovate her new house, Cory is hard at work managing his own construction company, Miller Built LLC. He started the business in March 2021, per his LinkedIn profile, and specializes in “new construction, rehab, additions, kitchen/bathroom remodel, & project management.”