HGTV’s Dave and Jenny Marrs have proven that their design skills are top tier. The couple moved to Bentonville, Arkansas, years before finding fame with their hit show, Fixer to Fabulous. Since skyrocketing to stardom, many fans have wondered if they still live in the city.

Do Dave and Jenny Marrs Still Live in Bentonville?

Dave and Jenny got married in 2005 after working together at Newell Rubbermaid. The pair realized that they both had an interest in home renovation and left the company to move to Arkansas to explore their true passion.

Initially, Dave and Jenny only planned to live in Arkansas temporarily. They ended up falling in love with everything Bentonville had to offer.

“We were just going to be here for a couple of years and go back to Florida,” Jenny said in October 2018. “I think, like a lot of people do here, we came for a stint and realized how great a place it is. This is home.”

After planting roots in the fast-growing city, the Home Town Takeover stars started a family together. They are now parents to five children, Nathan, Ben, Sylvie, Charlotte and Luke, all of whom were raised on their gorgeous farmhouse property.

Dave Marrs and kids celebrate birthday with cake and gifts
Courtesy of Jenny Marrs/Instagram

The estate was built in the 1900s and is full of wonderful memories for the family of seven. Dave, Jenny and their kids still live in Bentonville in their beautiful home.

They did opt for a change of scenery in June 2023 when they traveled to Italy to work on a new project for the show Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano. In a February 2023 interview with Closer, Jenny teased that the opportunity was “really fun” and “creatively challenging.”

Did Dave and Jenny Marrs Renovate Their Farmhouse?

The farmhouse has undergone numerous renovations to turn it into the perfect family home. In August 2019, Jenny shared details about remodeling the house to best suit the family’s needs.

“During the remodel, we relocated the sink onto this wall and I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to look out at the animals in the pasture or watch the sun set over the horizon as I do the dishes,” she wrote on Instagram. “For a mundane task that truly never ends (with seven people, there are ALWAYS dishes to be washed), this view makes it fairly enjoyable.”

The post continued, “Much like my new laundry room, this space is a necessary and functional part of our home that now makes me very happy. I’m truly thankful for all of these dishes and clothes to be washed as they are evidence that we have a home brimming with life and the people I treasure most in the world.”