A passion for home design runs in the Marrs family! HGTV star Jenny Marrs’ five kids love getting to decorate their own bedrooms. “It’s their space and I want them to be creative,” the Fixer to Fabulous host exclusively tells Closer

“They’ve decorated, they chose bedding colors, they do artwork and they put it up on the walls,” Jenny, 44, adds. “They’re able to be creative in that space and manage it. Of course, they need to clean it and all of those things, but it’s their space to manage.”

​Jenny Marrs Wants Kids to Be 'Creative' With Bedroom Decor​​ 

The designer, who shares kids Nathan, Ben, Sylvie, Charlotte and Luke with her husband, Dave Marrs, 42, believes a bedroom “should be a sanctuary.” Each of their children has been able to express themselves and their interests through the decor in their rooms. 

“Our youngest daughter, Charlotte, who’s 8, is really into horses,” Jenny says. “She has like an entire horse arena situation set up with her little miniature horses and she’s very serious about it and nobody can mess them up, but I let her leave those out. I don’t make her clean those up every day because that’s her, that’s what she loves.”

Through her partnership with Natrol – a leading sleep, mood and stress supplement brand – and Walmart, Jenny is using her design advice to help others get their best night’s sleep in a “peaceful and serene” bedroom. For those looking to spruce up their spaces and help combat poor sleep, the TV personality has the perfect advice. 

“The first thing I would say is remembering that this is a place that should be all about sleep,” she shares. “Whenever you’re bringing anything into your bedroom, make sure it is something that aligns with that thought. You want things that are calming in terms of the color palette.”

In addition to choosing the perfect color scheme, Jenny emphasizes the importance of “symmetry and harmony when it comes to furniture and accessories,” like having a nightstand and a lamp on each side of the bed and investing in “cozy bedding.” She keeps melatonin gummies inside her nightstand for nights she needs “extra support” to help get good rest and feel recharged the next day. 

In her Bentonville, Arkansas, farmhouse, the mom of five loves all of the unique decor and pieces that were handcrafted by Dave.

“He’s built all of our furniture in our house, all the kids’ beds, our bed, he’s built all of our nightstands and all of that,” Jenny explains. “I love all of the furniture in our bedrooms because Dave built them and they’re meaningful. I think that I’m biased, but I’m lucky to have Dave’s furniture.”