Fixer to Fabulous stars Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs wanted the vibe in their stunning Arkansas home to be “warm and cozy,” the pair tells Closer exclusively.

The home renovation experts “really just want to maximize every space,” for their five children, Nathan, Ben, Sylvie, Charlotte and Luke, in their farmhouse that was originally built in the early 1900s.

“We have lots of little nooks with storage and that sort of thing,” Jenny explains. “But overall, we just really wanted a space that’s super family-friendly. … Nothing in our home is so precious that it can’t be used.”

Dave and Jenny Marrs’ Cutest Family Photos of Their Kids
Courtesy of Dave Marrs/Instagram

Along with their recent projects featured on their HGTV series, the Rock the Block alums often post glimpses into their home on social media. Fans love their decor choices and are always asking about the small details.

“There’s always people over, so we really wanted a light color palette, light floors and light walls,” the mom of five says. “So, it feels a little bit bigger, you know, it helps the space to feel bigger. We have a lot of natural light and windows, which is important, but overall a little bit minimalist, even though we have a lot of kids and a lot of stuff.”

When it came time to decorate their kids’ rooms, Jenny planned out all of the designs herself. She jokes that the rooms were full of toys like Barbies and dollhouses almost immediately after they were all set up.

“There was about a two-hour period where they looked perfect and I should have taken photos then, but I thought, ‘I’ll do photos sometime later,’” the designer says. “Ever since, they just are trainwrecks, like they’re literally trainwrecks. We try to get our kids to clean their rooms and they do, but their version of clean is very different.”

There are several design elements around the home that both Dave and Jenny have a sentimental connection to including a book of Dave’s grandma’s recipes and coffee table albums of their kids. “I have a lot of framed art of the kids throughout the house that is, you know, their artwork to me is, it is just perfect,” Jenny says.

For the television stars, home is a special place where they can make memories with their children each day.

“Jenny tries to do homes as a reflection of the family that lives with them,” the craftsman shares. “And so I think our home is a reflection of the calm that we really wish for, but we really don’t have, but it’s all functional.”