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HGTV’s Dave and Jenny Marrs Spent Summer Break With Their 5 Kids: Vacation Photos 

There is nothing sweeter than the bond Dave Marrs and Jenny Marrs share with their kids! The HGTV couple and their five little ones, Nathan, Ben, Sylvie, Charlotte and Luke, spent the last week of summer break out on the lake for some fun in the sun.

“That’s a wrap on the last weekend of summer break,” Jenny wrote on Instagram alongside a video montage of their summer moments. “We squeezed every last drop out of goodness out of these days together and are headed back to school with full hearts and sun-kissed cheeks.” 

The kids enjoyed water skiing and tubing with their parents during the summer getaway. Their adorable pups tagged along for the trip too! In several of the video clips, Charlotte cuddled up with the dogs on the boat. The youngster has a love for animals as well as an interest in home design just like her famous parents. As for the other Marrs kids, they’ve all developed their own interests and talents. 

“I mean, Sylvie, our other daughter, she is an amazing cook … she likes to bake,” Dave told Closer in March 2022. “Like she loves all the baking shows, and she can just decorate and make any dessert. Amazing. And then we have an artist, Ben, one of our older twins, and Nathan’s more the builder like hands-on.” 

As for their youngest son, Luke, the couple joked at the time that he was “like a 2-year-old wildfire running around.” Luke was particularly excited when his dad carried on an annual summer tradition this year — making homemade ice cream. 

“Last weekend before the kids start school calls for some homemade ice cream on the old model 71. No idea how old this thing is but the ice cream gets better every time,” the doting dad wrote on Instagram. “My favorite is vanilla with fresh blueberries!”

And while the Marrs kids are heading back for a new school year, Jenny made sure to appreciate every moment she spent with her family this summer. 

“I get nostalgic at the end of every summer. It feels like time has taken the form of grains of sand slipping through my fingertips,” she shared. “I desperately want to slow it all down. But, alas, I can’t. So, instead, I’ll work to fill every drop of their buckets full to overflowing while they’re still here under my roof.”

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