Barbra Streisand Adores Being a Grandma! See the Cutest Photos of Her Granddaughter Westlyn

There’s no denying Barbra Streisand was born to be a grandma. Ever since her beloved granddaughter, Westlyn, made her arrival in November 2018, the iconic singer and actress can’t help but share adorable photos and marvel over being a grandparent on social media.

Barbra was ready to take on her role as a loving grandma even before stepson Josh Brolin and his wife, Kathryn Boyd, welcomed little Westlyn. Around the time the model was pregnant with their little girl, the couple surprised the A Star is Born alum with a touching gift to commemorate the exciting milestone.

“My wife got her a bracelet that said ‘Grandma’ on it and she started crying,” the Sicario: Day of the Soldado actor shared on SiriusXM’s “EW Radio Spotlight” in June 2018, noting how involved Barbra was at the time. “She follows all the apps — so you know the baby is as big as a banana, which is always weird to me. I don’t want to think of my baby as a banana or any kind of fruit or vegetable.”

The Funny Girl star pointed out how the bracelet meant so much more after baby Westlyn was born. “Oh my gosh! That, to me, is a real accomplishment, to have this little baby, this live thing in my life,” she told The Times in March 2019. “I’m wearing a bracelet that Josh and Kathryn gave me, engraved with ‘Grandma.’ I never take it off.”

Barbra has lived quite an incredible life as a Hollywood star, but nothing makes her happier than going above and beyond to make Westlyn smile. “She spoils the baby completely,” an insider once told Closer Weekly. “She buys gifts online from all over the world. It’s kind of out of control, but cute. She loves babies, and she treasures Westlyn.”

Barbra’s husband, James Brolin, echoed that sweet sentiment as he gave fans an idea of what his longtime wife is like as a grandmother. James previously told KPVI she completely “falls apart” around Westlyn because Barbra just adores children.

“The minute a kid comes into the room, she just changes as a person,” he explained to the news station. “She is persnickety. ‘Who put those flowers there? You moved that — that’s supposed to be on the table right there.’ [But] the minute a kid comes in, all of that just goes out the window, and it’s really fabulous to see somebody disarmed.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see all the cutest photos of Barbra’s little one, Westlyn!