Barbra Streisand Is a Lover of Fine Art! Inside Her Gorgeous Malibu Home With Husband James Brolin

Funny Girl star Barbra Streisand has more than enough money to pay her bills. She and husband James Brolin are living in a fabulous home in Malibu, California, and they’ve decorated it with a ton of beautiful art pieces. But when there’s no more room for her decor, Barbra goes through her house and throws away what she doesn’t need.

“If you’re not going to use something, you have to let it pass on, go on its way, and live a life with somebody who will appreciate it,” she told Architectural Digest in a previous interview. Sitting inside of Barbra’s house are eight Grammys, two Oscars, eight Golden Globes and three PrimeTime Emmy awards. Although she’ll never throw those things away, the “Woman in Love” singer said she barely had nice things as a little girl.

“I had no money to buy art, so I would buy old picture frames and put them on white walls, just framing space, which I thought was beautiful,” the Brooklyn native explained. Barbra’s love for fine art grew more over the years. Once she had enough money to purchase a place of her own, the “Love” singer designed it exactly the way she wanted to.

Her fireplace has beautiful stainless steel panels sitting right on the mantel and her bedroom is a copy of a “1930s Bigelow original” that Barbra saw in a San Francisco hotel room. However, she drives most of her inspiration from architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, who liked to design matching dresses for his furniture pieces.

“If you were an architect,” the entertainer said, “wouldn’t you want to design the bronze handles? Wouldn’t you want to design the floors? Wouldn’t you want to design the furniture that goes into the house you built? That’s the way I see things — as a complete vision.”

Thanks to that vision, Barbra has made her house a home. When she’s not working on new music, she’s relaxing with her hubby in their beautiful abode.

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