Amy Adams Adorably Helps Daughter Aviana Carry Her Instrument on Her Way to Music Lessons

While many celebs were recovering from a night out at the 2020 Oscars over the weekend, nothing could stop Amy Adams from taking her daughter to a music lesson in West Hollywood.

It seems Aviana, 9, is learning how to play the guitar, based on the size and shape of the case she and mom Amy were seen carrying. Since her daughter was struggling a little bit, Amy helped her out a bit before taking the instrument herself.

When Aviana was younger, she also took a few ballet classes before discovering it wasn’t for her.

“I was a dancer, so I sort of talked her into taking ballet,” Amy admitted during a previous appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers. “I want to be a dance mom so bad. I would love it. … But she’s not into performing, so we made a deal that she would not have to do The Nutcracker or recitals.”

Although Amy respects Aviana’s decision to learn more about music than ballet, she admits she felt a little bit sad her only child won’t be pursuing the art form.

“It would be really fun to be the mom fighting to the front with my camera, brushing her hair really tight,” she joked. “She’s very good at everything, but she just doesn’t want to be looked at. Silly girl! No, I’m kidding. She’s awesome.”

Looks like acting’s off the table. At least Aviana gets to spend as much time with her mother when she gets home. One thing Amy has become pretty good at is separating her work and her family life.

“I tend to wear very little makeup at home because when my daughter was even younger she saw me putting on makeup and she said, ‘You look like Amy Adams when you do that — I just want you to be Mom,'” Amy recalled to the Guardian. “So I said, ‘You got it, honey.’”

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