Valerie Bertinelli Adores Her Only Child With Late Musician Eddie Van Halen: Meet Son Wolfgang

Valerie Bertinelli loves nothing more than supporting her only son, Wolfgang Van Halen. The young man is the bassist of his late father Eddie Van Halen’s band, Van Halen. Although that profession may scare a lot of parents, Valerie knows she has nothing to worry about because she trusts her kid completely.

“Wolfie has made some really, really good choices in his life so I’m not too worried about him,” the Food Network star explained to Meredith Vieira in 2014. “And his dad is a really great influence on him. He’s an amazing father so I’m not worried about him at all, and I really like the people who he hangs out with.”

Prior to joining Van Halen, Wolfgang used to rock out with his heavy metal band Tremonti. During that time, Valerie wasn’t too concerned about his whereabouts because he was still around some really great people.

“The guys who he was working with were so cool, so laid back,” the former One Day at a Time star said. “I didn’t see any drugs or alcohol. They all went to get smoothies. Of course, because maybe I was there, but I know he’s made good choices.”

She added, “He’s still friends with these guys from kindergarten [too], so I trust him. I have to.”

Valerie also harbored no resentment following her split from ex-husband Eddie, whom she was married to from 1981 to 2007. “They have both forgiven each other and love their son,” a friend previously told Closer Weekly about the former couple. “There are no more bad feelings between them.”

Sadly, Eddie died at age 65 in October 2020 after a long battle with throat cancer. “He was the best father I could ever ask for,” Wolfgang wrote on Twitter at the time. “Every moment I’ve shared with him, on and off stage, was a gift. I love you so much, Pop.” Valerie responded to his heartfelt tribute with a bunch of heartbroken emojis.

Since Eddie’s death, Valerie has been a constant support system for her son. Because the In a Child’s Name actress considers motherhood to be her greatest achievement, she will always make Wolfgang her No. 1 priority.

“Of all the roles I have taken, none has been more satisfying than motherhood,” she gushed in her book Losing It. “I shunned the spotlight in favor of a normal life, driving carpools, volunteering in my son’s classroom [and] making dinner.”

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