Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa’s 3 Kids Are Just as Successful as Their Parents! Meet Them

In Bruce Springsteen‘s family, everyone has a heart of gold! Even though his children are all grown up, the 70-year-old singer is proud to have raised his and wife Patti Scialfa‘s three kids — Evan, 29, Jessica, 28, and Sam, 26 — to be quite the exceptional bunch.

“When we’re all together at [our home in] Colts Neck, New Jersey, Bruce and I still get up at seven every morning to make breakfast for the kids: oatmeal, pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs — the whole deal,” Patti, 66, once revealed to Express. “I know it sounds corny but we like to have that time together in the morning as a family before everyone goes their separate ways. We’ve always done it that way.”

The “Dancing In the Dark” crooner added, “If I can wish for anything for my children it’s that they can pursue their dreams and know that if things don’t work out, it’s OK. Patti and I will always be there for them.”

Besides always supporting his children’s’ endeavors, Bruce once revealed the unique reason he and Patti — who tied the knot in 1991 — settled down in New Jersey, as opposed to celebrity hotspots like New York City and Los Angeles. Besides the fact that the “Tougher Than the Rest” singer was born and raised in the Garden State, Bruce explained why he chose to raise his brood in a more rural area of the state.

“We had a 80-member Italian-Irish family, and that was the way that I grew up, so I wanted my kids to have that sense of a bigger world than the entertainment world,” the 20-time Grammy winner shared with Jimmy Kimmel in October 2019. “I wanted them to see people that did a lot of other things, be around people who would shape them and they would have a lot of options.”

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