Bruce Springsteen Attends ‘Western Stars’ Screening With Wife Patti and Daughter Jessica

A rocking family! Bruce Springsteen was all smiles recently, as his wife Patti and their daughter Jessica attended a screening for the icon’s first feature-length documentary film, Western Stars.

On Wednesday, October 16, the legendary rocker, 70, and his love, 66, were looking great at the New York City screening in Metrograph. The pair were joined by their only daughter, 27. It is no surprise to see this bunch together, as they are quite close. The happy couple — who tied the knot in 1991 — also have two sons, Evan, 29, and Sam, 25. And while their children are grown, Bruce and Patti are still all about them.

“When we’re all together at Colts Neck, Bruce and I still get up at seven every morning to make breakfast for the kids: oatmeal, pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs — the whole deal,” Patti once revealed to Express. “I know it sounds corny but we like to have that time together in the morning as a family before everyone goes their separate ways. We’ve always done it that way.”

Bruce Springsteen
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

“If I can wish for anything for my children it’s that they can pursue their dreams and know that if things don’t work out, it’s OK. Patti and I will always be there for them,” the “My Hometown” singer added. Bruce has made it his mission to be in his children’s corner, especially since he had a complicated relationship with his own father, who who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia towards the end of his life.

“I have come close enough to [mental illness] where I know I am not completely well myself,” the Grammy-winner once revealed to Esquire. “I’ve had to deal with a lot of it over the years, and I’m on a variety of medications that keep me on an even keel.

“Otherwise I can swing rather dramatically and … just … the wheels can come off a little bit,” he added. “So we have to watch, in our family. I have to watch my kids, and I’ve been lucky there. It ran in my family going way before my dad.”

Scroll on down below to see more photos of Bruce with Patti and Jessica!

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