Ted Danson has a lot to be grateful for, including his wonderful blended family with his wife, Mary Steenburgen! The Cheers alum is a doting dad to daughters Kate and Alexis Danson and a stepdad to kids Charlie and Lilly McDowell.

Who Are Ted Danson’s Kids?

Ted became a father to Kate and Alexis during his second marriage to Cassandra “Casey” Coates, which lasted from 1977 to 1993. The Fargo actor first met Mary in 1983 when he was auditioning for Cross Creek.

“I was married. He was married. That was not our moment,” she told People in 2021, while recalling their first interaction. They decided just to be friends at the time, but never expected that life would lead them down the path to fall in love years later.

Not much is known about Ted’s daughter Alexis other than the fact that he absolutely loves spending time with her! Like her father, Kate found her footing in show business. She has earned more then a dozen acting credits over the years, with her most recent acting role in 2019’s Alien Theory.

When Did Ted Danson Marry Mary Steenburgen?

It wasn’t until they reunited on the set of Pontiac Moon in 1993 that both Ted and Mary felt like they were ready to explore a romantic relationship with each other. He proposed to the Book Club actress in 1995, and the pair walked down the aisle together later that year.

Kate and Lilly both were bridesmaids at the wedding. Alexis served as the flower girl, while Charlie served as the ring bearer. Since their nuptials, Ted and Mary can’t stop gushing over each other.

“He does tell me every single day of my life I’m beautiful, and I do know a lot of women live without that,” Mary sweetly told People in May 2018. “And it does matter, someone just telling you that.”

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen and Steenburgen with her daughter Lilly McDowell
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Who Are Ted Danson’s Stepkids?

Mary welcomed her two children, Charlie and Lilly, during her marriage to Malcolm McDowell. The Golden Globe winner was married to the English actor from 1980 to 1990.

Charlie is perhaps best known for his work as a director, whose credits include Silicon Valley, Dear White People and Windfall. He married Emily in Paris actress Lily Collins in 2021.

Does Ted Danson Have Grandkids?

Mary and Ted are now doting grandparents, and she still has a good relationship with ex-husband Malcolm.

“I was sitting at my granddaughter’s 10th birthday party with Mary, Ted, and we were sitting there with the three granddaughters and my two children with Mary … And I was sitting there and I looked at her and I went, ‘This is all because of Time After Time,'” Malcolm told People in March 2023.

Similarly, Ted and Mary opened up about making memories with their grandkids at home.

“Our life has just done this,” Ted told Closer in November 2014. “We’re grandparents, so the fun thing we get to do is be with our grandkids.”

“We just have so much fun together,” Mary echoed, to which her husband replied, “We’re so lucky. Our kids and our grandchildren are our greatest source of joy.”