The birds and planes that fly over Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen‘s Santa Monica home get special attention when their sweet 2-year-old granddaughter, Clementine, is visiting.

“I found myself just lying on the driveway with her a couple of days ago, counting them, because that’s what she wanted to do,” Mary gushes to ‘Closer.’ “I was like, I actually don’t have anything better than this to do!”

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That doesn’t mean that Mary, 61, and Ted, 66, have retired from show business. Quite the opposite. Mary has been shooting a new role on the smash Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, while Ted continues his starring role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation — but the part the 19-years-married couple love playing most is that of doting grandparents.

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“Our life has just done this,” Ted tells ‘Closer,’ making a hand gesture of a shrinking circle. “We’re grandparents, so the fun thing we get to do is be with our grandkids.”

ted danson & mary steenburgen

Ted, Mary and their children attend the ceremony honoring Mary with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Dec. 2009. (Photo Credit: Getty)

Clementine, the toddler of Mary’s daughter, Lilly, is the couple’s first grandchild and part of the reason they are choosing work projects that keep them closer to home.

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“My mom is obsessed with my niece,” Mary’s son, Charlie McDowell, a director and actor, confides to ‘Closer.’ “She’s totally into it. And my niece is obsessed with her, so she’s doing something right!”

Mary adds that she loves to be with family, telling ‘Closer,’ “We just have so much fun together.”

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“We’re so lucky,” shares Ted. “Our kids and our grandchildren are our greatest source of joy.”

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