Steve Martin made a rare comment about his marriage to his wife, Anne Stringfield, that left his fans swooning.

The Only Murders in the Building actor showed a vulnerable side of himself in his new Apple TV+ documentary, STEVE! (martin) a documentary in 2 pieces. Steve, 78, experienced heartbreak when he divorced his first wife, Victoria Tennant, in 1994.

“When I married Victoria Tennant, I liked her a lot,” he told viewers. “She was very funny, very amusing, smart and English. It was a relationship that just kind of defaulted into a romance. And also a part of it was I guess I should get married, which is not a good reason. There’s just no way to force it.”

Steve and Anne, who previously worked at The New Yorker, met when she was assigned to fact-check a story he wrote. The Father of the Bride actor talked to the journalist on the phone for a year before they decided to finally meet in person.

“I remember telling my shrink there’s this woman that sticks in my head,” Steve recalled.

The couple got married in 2007. Initially, Steve wasn’t sure if he wanted to have children. But eventually, he warmed up to the idea after he was inspired by one of his Father of the Bride costars.

“Movie fatherhood paved the way for actual fatherhood,” the Parenthood star explained. “And then Diane Keaton had children, and I remember sitting there. Her daughter was playing in the yard, and I thought I could see a kid out there playing in the backyard.”

Steve Martin Makes Rare Comment About Marriage to Wife Anne Stringfield
Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Turner Image

Steve and Anne welcomed a daughter in 2012. In order to maintain their child’s privacy, they opted not to show footage of her in the documentary.

The award-winning actor admitted that his life changed for the better after becoming a father at the age of 67.

“The first time I saw true love in my life was after the baby was born. I looked over at Anne, and she’s holding the baby. And she’s looking into her face, and there’s no one else on the planet,” Steve gushed.

The Three Amigos actor is very content with the way his life and career played out in the past few decades.

“My life is completely backwards. I worked very hard early on, and then have a happy marriage and a fantastic child at this age. And I love it,” he candidly said.