Becoming a mom later in life has been extremely rewarding for Savannah Guthrie. The Today host thinks her two kids, Vale and Charles “Charley” Feldman, are “amazing creatures.”

Savannah, 52, gushed that her children are “coming into their own personalities,” in an interview with People published on February 24. Above all, she said that “the greatest thing is that they’re so themselves.”

The newscaster welcomed Vale, 9, and Charley, 7, with her husband, Mike Feldman.

“They’re stronger and more confident, more self-assured and empathetic,” she added about her little ones.

Savannah released her new book, Mostly What God Does, on February 20. In the collection of faith-based personal essays, the mom of two recounted the times she leaned on her faith the most in her life. One thing she made clear from the very start of the book is that her kids are two of her biggest blessings in life.

“I’m so lucky to get to be their mom,” she shared. “It’s such a learning experience.”

Vale has already read some of Mostly What God Does and recently got baptized. Savannah recalled a moment from her daughter’s baptism that she’ll never forget.

“She said, ‘Today, God, I joined your family.’ And that gives me a lot of joy,” Savannah reflected during an interview with

The TV personality also recalled some of the less glamorous parts of navigating motherhood, like “epic sibling throwdowns.”

“What I know is that it’s my job to give them the building blocks to teach them about the God that I know and help foster that connection,” Savannah explained. “And then I also know that when they grow up, it will be their choice. And it’s just my job to give them as much information but also experience with God as I possibly can.”

Savannah Guthrie's kids eat ice cream
Courtesy of Savannah Guthrie/Instagram

But all in all, she wrote the book with the purpose to make her children realize just how loved they are.

“I wrote it for them, and it’s dedicated to them. It’s everything I would want to tell them,” she continued. “If I died tomorrow — not to sound morose — it’s what I would want them to know about the God that loves them.”

At the time of Vale’s birth in August 2014, Savannah was 42. Throughout her parenting journey, the bestselling author has loved being able to lean on Today costar Hoda Kotb, who also became a mom later in life to daughters Haley and Hope.

“We talk a lot about being older moms, that we’re in our 50s but our kids are little, and there are minuses to that, but we both definitely feel like it gives you perspective and it does make you calmer as a parent,” Savannah told People of their bond in August 2022.

Hoda, 59, even received a special acknowledgement in Mostly What God Does for being such a supportive friend and colleague.

“If you ever find yourself attempting something hard and scary, I hope you have someone as irrepressibly enthusiastic as Hoda Kotb — and her two giant pom poms — cheering you to the finish line,” Savannah penned in the book.