It seems like things have gotten a bit out of hand on Today recently. Savannah Guthrie was slammed by viewers after a clip from an interview with Kelly Rowland went viral.

What Happened Between Savannah Guthrie and Kelly Rowland?

On February 15, 2024, Kelly appeared as a guest on Today to discuss her new Netflix film, Mea Culpa. During the chat, a clip from the singer’s Destiny’s Child days played on the screen.

“What do you think when you look at that,” Savannah asked Kelly after the clip finished. She replied, “That was so long ago, I’m 43 now.”

The newscaster then asked Kelly if she was working on any new music. “I am, I’m working on new music,” she shared. Savannah asked for a little more information, but Kelly assured her that she could not reveal any further details.

Just when things seemed to be going OK, Savannah decided to ask Kelly about her former bandmate Beyoncé.

“What do you think about your friend Beyoncé,” she asked, “She’s like your sister, you guys literally grew up together – she’s stepping into country.”

“I’m so proud of her,” Kelly responded. Savannah decided to ask about Beyoncé a second time. “I know, but were you surprised and what do you think about it?” the news anchor asked.

“I’m so proud of her,” Kelly reiterated. “So happy for her.”

Savannah Guthrie smiles while wearing a red dress / MEGA

Fans Were Outraged After the Interview

The interview with Kelly and Savannah was posted on Today’s YouTube page. The comments section flooded with people upset over Savannah’s questions about Beyoncé.

“Kelly is tired of people asking her about Beyoncé as she should,” one person wrote. “Nobody asks Kelly about Michelle or asks Beyoncé about Kelly. So stop with the silliness folks.”

“I’m so annoyed. Stop asking her about Beyoncé in every interview she does,” another penned.

“The interview was doing well until the last few minutes. Savannah, I know you are just doing what the producers tell you — but come on — this is about Kelly! So not cool to pry about Beyonce, it’s unfair to Kelly who was there to promote her upcoming film — keep it at that! Kelly looked absolutely stunning and amazing per usual!” a third comment said.

A Little More Drama Took Place Behind the Scenes

It was later reported that Kelly was set to serve as a guest cohost on Today next to Hoda Kotb as Jenna Bush Hager was absent from the show that day. However, Kelly allegedly walked off the set of the show due to being unhappy with the dressing rooms backstage, per Page Six.

Rita Ora, who was initially supposed to appear as a guest on Today that day, filled in as cohost at the last minute. Hoda addressed the incident on the show on February 20, 2024.

“I just wanna say this, I have great love and admiration for Kelly Rowland. I adore her. And I want her to come back on our show, and I want her to host again,” she said. “She can share my dressing room — we’ll be in it together!”

The Hope Is a Rainbow author also praised Rita for sliding into the coanchor seat on such short notice.

“On another note too, we just want to give a shoutout to Rita Ora, who kind of came in at the last second and really did a phenomenal job,” she added.