Ever since Ryan Seacrest first stepped out with his girlfriend, Shayna Taylor, 26, fans of the American Idol and Live! host have been dying to know all about the blonde beauty he locks arms (and lips) with during red carpet events and all over social media. So, we got to know her a little bit better ourselves — scroll down to learn everything you need to know about Ryan’s girlfriend!

They’ve dated once before.

Back in 2013, the couple was together for 18 months before their split in 2014. Even though they never publicized why they broke up, they made fans super happy when they stepped out together again in late April 2017! The two have been genuine lovebirds ever since. In fact, they were spotted on May 18 looking fashionable and flirty in Los Angeles leaving the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

ryan seacrest girlfriend

They live together.

In May of last year, People reported that the pair moved in together! They share Ryan’s Manhattan apartment, but with his busy schedule, we have a feeling that they’re never really there. That said, the couple posts plenty of travel pictures on Instagram — proving that any spare time they do have, they spend together. On Shayna shared a snapshot of the couple’s trip to Italy, captioning, “Reminiscing about Umbria, Italy ! Still one of my top favorite places I’ve traveled to!” How cute!

She’s a model.

And a stunning one to put it bluntly. She often shares her modeling experiences on her Instagram account, where you can see beautiful headshots of her posing in different places for different campaigns. She also has the height for it, too — she’s 5’9″! Which, let’s face it, is definitely taller than Ryan, especially if she’s wearing heels.

She’s a huge health and fitness advocate.

Shayna is always posting health and fitness tips to her social media account (her body is killer). Not only that, but she’s also a great cook and even a personal chef (we bet Ryan is so spoiled at home!). She often posts pictures of her delicious-looking and healthy recipes for her followers — and now we want to try one!

She’s already made her Live! debut.

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017, Shayna appeared on her boyfriend’s hit talk show with Kelly Ripa. Her visit was to see if she could beat out the show’s executive producer’s wife by making the better and healthier banana bread. During the segment, Ryan couldn’t help but compliment his lady on her first TV stint. “You’re very comfortable on national television,” Ryan said. “She’s very poised. You’re doing a great job.” Here’s hoping she’s the one!