Melissa Peterman is “really proud” of Reba McEntire for being “very open” about her new relationship with boyfriend Rex Linn, she exclusively tells Closer Weekly. The Baby Daddy star says she couldn’t be more excited for her longtime friend as the country icon embarks on this “new chapter” in her life.

“She was very, very open about that and she shared some stuff from her life that she didn’t necessarily have to,” Melissa, 49, gushes. “That can be scary because you think, ‘Oh my gosh. If I say it out loud, I don’t know what the future is.'”

Mark J Terrill/AP/Shutterstock

When it comes to her personal life, the “Fancy” singer, 65, has been more vulnerable than ever on her new podcast, “Living and Learning,” which she cohosts with Melissa. But the TV star says she was specifically “proud of [Reba]” when they broke the news about her romance with Rex, 63, on the “Dating” episode in mid-October.

“She was the one who was sort of like, ‘No, I’m gonna go there,'” Melissa dishes. “And you know, in all honesty, I’m hoping we get to do more and we’ll see if anything is off the table. But right now, [our] philosophy [is], ‘Why wouldn’t you have a conversation? Whether it’s something you agree with or not, why wouldn’t you have a conversation?'”

As friends for over two decades, the Singing Bee host and the Grammy Award winner have been through so much together. “I’ve seen her being married [to ex-husbands Narvel Blackstock and Charlie Battles], she’s seen me when I was pregnant on the show [and] I’ve known her sons and her kids,” Melissa gushes.

Even though the two have experienced plenty of incredible moments, the Young Sheldon star says nothing is quite as sweet as observing her friend fall in love with the CSI: Miami actor. “To see her in this new chapter of her life and watching her go through this process is so much fun for me as a girlfriend, who sort of gets to live vicariously through her,” Melissa adds.


Aside from Reba’s hot new romance, the Sydney to the Max actress also reveals what it’s like working with the “Nights the Lights Went Out in Georgia” songstress. Since they started hosting their new podcast on Spotify in late September, Melissa says it’s been “really fun” chatting all things health and wellness with Reba.

“It’s really just two women who have been friends getting to talk to people who we want to talk to and learn about,” she marvels to Closer. “But I will say, having that chemistry has been so lovely because we can kind of read each other’s minds.”

Be sure to tune into Reba and Melissa’s “Living and Learning” podcast when new episodes premiere every Monday on Spotify!

Reporting by Carly Sloane