Everyone wants to know how Princess Diana would have felt about her oldest son, Prince William, marrying Duchess Kate and her youngest child, Prince Harry, marrying Duchess Meghan. Well, even though there are a lot of theories, Katie Couric believes the late royal would have loved her new family members.

“I think she would love them,” the 62-year-old journalist, 62, admitted to Us Weekly recently. “They’re thoroughly modern women, and I think they exhibit the best of Diana’s qualities, which include caring about something greater than yourself and committing yourself to worthwhile causes.” We can’t disagree with that!

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Since Meghan and Kate entered the royal family, they’ve won over everyone’s hearts, including the queen herself. The only thing that Katie regrets is that Princess Diana never got to meet the two duchesses herself or the children that they’ve had with their husbands.

“I’m so sorry that she can’t see her grandchildren or be with her daughters-in-law,” Katie said. However, she still believes that Diana, Meghan and Kate “would get along famously” even though the public tries to “concoct a lot of drama among them.”

In June 1996, Katie interviewed Princess Diana about her life as a royal and she recalled feeling a great deal of sadness for the Princess of Wales when she spoke about her “empty house” in London.

“I said something like, ‘You must be exhausted traveling and meeting so many people and having to shake hands with all these strangers. Are you excited to go home?’” Katie previously recalled in an essay that was published by InStyle. “I will never forget her response: ‘I would be, but I’m going home to an empty house.’ This was as she was finalizing her divorce from Prince Charles, and she seemed a bit melancholy and lonely.”

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, Scotland, Britain - May 1981

“My heart broke a little for her,” Katie continued. “‘Why don’t you invite some friends over and have a slumber party?’ I playfully suggested. She just tilted her head and looked at me quizzically.”

One year after that interview took place, Princess Diana died in a tragic car crash in Paris. She was only 36 years old, but her memory still lives on today.