If you thought Prince William and Kate Middleton haven’t told their kids anything about Princess Diana, you thought wrong! Prince George and Princess Charlotte already know a whole lot about William’s late mom and it’s all thanks to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who plan to keep her legacy alive.

“Diana was such a wonderful mother,” a royal insider recently revealed to Us Weekly. “George, [6], and Charlotte, [4], know all about their late grandmother and what an amazing woman she was.”


Kate, 37, and William, also 37, even make sure their youngest son, Prince Louis, 1, knows something about his grandmother who passed away 22 years ago in a tragic car accident. “William tells them she’s watching over them from heaven,” the insider explained. “If the kids misbehave, William often thinks to himself, ‘What would my mom have done in this situation?’”

Kate also tries to uphold Diana’s legacy when she is spending time with her kids. “William and Kate are doing their best to take after her when it comes to raising George, Charlotte and Louis,” the source said. “They’re determined to give their kids a normal life, just like Diana did.”

According to a friend of the royal family, the young duchess has even “put a lot of emphasis on doing normal things together” with William and the kids so her children can have a happy childhood. “They just want their kids to be kids,” the friend explained. “At the weekend, they’ll all sit down and watch cartoons together.” How sweet!


Not only that, but Kate and her family love to cook together too! “They love decorating cakes,” the source said. “By the end of it, the kitchen is a complete mess and the kids will be covered in icing.” However, it’s all worth it because Kate “doesn’t want her children growing up feeling too entitled.”

“If Princess Diana were alive today, she’d be proud of the way William and Kate are raising their family,” the pal said — and we couldn’t agree more!