Now that Prince Harry has finally reunited with Meghan Markle and their son, Archie, in Canada, he couldn’t be happier. The Duke of Sussex was smiling from ear to ear when he stepped off the plane on Tuesday, January 21.

“It’s was the longest Harry’s been apart from Archie since he was born — nearly two weeks, and he missed him like crazy,” a royal insider recently told Closer Weekly. “He never wants to leave him for that amount of time again. At least not while he’s young.”

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, pictured arriving on Vancouver Island
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The dad of one spent 10 days apart from his family and that was enough to make Harry, 35, miss his wife and 8-month-old son like crazy. But now that he’s been reunited with his loved ones, he doesn’t have anything else to worry about.

“Archie was fast asleep when Harry arrived back at the house, but you should’ve seen the look on his face when he woke up and saw his daddy,” the insider said. “He was so excited! Harry picked him up and couldn’t stop kissing him. Archie’s a real daddy’s boy!”


Thankfully, the prince received Queen Elizabeth‘s blessing to spend more time outside the U.K. with his family, even though he said he was feeling “great sadness” to take a step back from his royal duties. However, Harry knew it was the best decision for his family.

“No longer being able to serve the Queen has come as a huge disappointment to Harry, but he knows he can’t have it all,” the source explained. “And the main thing is she’s allowed him to move to Canada. “Meghan and Archie’s happiness and wellbeing is his No. 1 priority and he couldn’t be more excited about starting a new journey with his loved ones.”

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Meghan, 38, was so excited to see her husband too. After spending 10 days apart, she could barely contain her joy. “Meghan threw her arms around Harry as soon as she saw him,” a separate insider recently told Closer. “She couldn’t stop beaming and Harry’s eyes welled up with joy and relief. It was an incredibly touching moment.”

Now that’s what you call a reunion!