Mina Starsiak Hawk candidly admitted that 2023 was a “crapshoot” during an episode of her “Mina AF” podcast on Tuesday, January 23. The HGTV personality revealed that she is hopeful that this year will be better for her in all aspects, adding, “2024 is going to be my year.”

“There’s going to be so much free mental space,” Mina, 39, continued during the episode in which she was joined by her husband, Steve Hawk. “There’s going to be time for like all the thoughts and all of the things. … It’s going to be great.”

The TV star made waves in 2023 when she announced the end of Good Bones while also revealing that her relationship with her mom, Karen E. Laine, was rocky. Mina shared details about a tiff with her brother Tad Starsiak and later confessed that she was “not on speaking terms” with Good BonesCory Miller.

Things with her estranged family were made even more difficult when the holidays rolled around in 2023. “The holidays were miserable,” an insider told Closer after Mina spent Christmas with some of her family members.

With all of the stress from her family drama and finishing filming of season 8 of Good Bones, Mina also decided to downsize her Two Chicks and a Hammer team and close her flagship Two Chicks District Co. store in Bates-Hendricks, Indiana.

Mina Starsiak Hawk sits on the ground with her dogs
Courtesy of Steve Hawk/Instagram

Things are already looking up in 2024, though, as she is set to open up a new Two Chicks District Co. retail location in Noblesville, Indiana, in March.

“They’re just doing it really well and want that growth and development, which Indianapolis says they want, but then the actual logistics behind it are impossible for my side of a business,” she said of renovating her new storefront in a new city during a December 2023 interview with People. “Finding this place that really wants us to come and is making it comfortable and welcoming and easy to come to feels kind of like a nice fresh start.”

Mina also teased some possible new renovation projects coming up in Noblesville in the future.

“There’s so many cool Queen Anne Victorians,” she continued of the properties in the area. “There was one that I kind of had my eye on that’s like a block off the square that’s just a mess, which is perfect to me.”