Christmas looked a bit different for Mina Starsiak Hawk this year, as she is embroiled in a rift with her mom, Karen E. Laine. How did she celebrate the holiday amid her ongoing family feud?

How Did Mina Starsiak Hawk Celebrate Christmas?

The Good Bones star largely spent the holiday with her husband, Steve Hawk, and their kids, Jack and Charlotte.

In her Instagram Stories, Mina documented her children opening up their gifts on Christmas morning. They also had a sweet visit with some of their cousins, sporting matching pajamas and playing games on Christmas Eve. In another festive snap, the mom of two shared videos while decorating cookies with some of her family members. “Mayhem,” she simply captioned one clip.

Mina’s brother William Starsiak also shared photos of some of the Starsiak cousins wearing matching pajamas over on his Instagram account. At the end of his carousel of photos, he posed for a selfie with Karen out by the pool. It is unclear if Mina and Karen attended the party at the same time or if they had any interaction with each other on Christmas.

Mina previously revealed in an episode of her podcast on November 28 that she and her husband had received two invitations for Christmas celebrations this year. One invitation was from her sister, and the other was from Steve’s grandmother, making it hard for them to decide what to do.

“My very thoughtful sister plans very far in advance,” the realtor told “Mina AF” listeners at the time. “So she sent out a spreadsheet with the pajama sizes and the activities for Thanksgiving through Christmas, probably in, like, September.”

Mina Starsiak Hawk kids Christmas
Courtesy of Mina Starsiak Hawk/Instagram

Ultimately, after having a few tough conversations and therapy sessions, the duo planned to split their time during the holiday to allow them to attend both events.

“If we’re a little bit past the kids’ bedtime, that’s OK, because I know them seeing your grandma and getting to know her a little bit more as well as being able to be with all their cousins, those things are both important to us,” she said of going to two Christmas celebrations in one day.

How Did Tad Starsiak Celebrate Christmas?

Mina and Steve celebrated Christmas with their kids and select family members amid her ongoing drama with Karen, whom she is “not on good terms” with. The drama between them heightened while filming season 8 of Good Bones, causing a “knockdown drag-out [fight] on set.”

The mom of two is also admittedly not in “a great place” with brother Tad Starsiak or costar Cory Miller. Tad ended up celebrating Christmas with his fiancée, Anna Spiars, and his brothers, which was documented in videos shared on his Instagram Stories. Days ahead of the holiday, he showed off a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in his Instagram Stories, along with several stockings hanging by the fireplace.