Good Bones fans may have noticed that one cast member was snubbed from Tad Starsiak’s reflective New Year’s post on Instagram — sister Mina Starsiak Hawk. The contractor shared a carousel of photos to commemorate some of his biggest moments of 2023, leading many to question where things currently stand between the siblings.

“Cheers to 2023 and onward to 2024! Remember that the present moment is the best place to live, it’s the only place that life is actually happening,” Tad, 30, captioned his post. “This year will bring us all reasons to be happy and sad, but don’t let that be disheartening, that is the beauty of life. It takes one to appreciate the other.”

He continued, “Every day can be appreciated in its own way with its own perspective, be aware of that,” adding, “Be kind to yourself, to others, give grace, forgiveness, get introspective, get curious, go out and achieve yo s–t! Much love fam.”

The post featured multiple snapshots of Tad with his fiancée, Anna Spiars, whom he got engaged to during the series finale of Good Bones. In another picture, the real estate investor wrapped his arms around costar Cory Miller while sitting on a staircase.

Cory also appeared in another photo, standing alongside Tad and Good Bones costars Karen E. Laine, Austin Aynes and MJ Coyle. Mina, 39, was not featured in any of the pictures, which were posted four months after she publicly revealed she wasn’t in “a great place” with Tad or Karen, 61.

Tad Starsiak hugs Cory Miller
Courtesy of Tad Starsiak/Instagram

“Great thoughts always, just wondering if you’ve taken your own words to heart and patched things up with your sister,” one person asked Tad in a comment on the post. He did not immediately respond; however, he has been known to answer fan questions on Instagram rather often.

In October 2023, Tad posted a video on his page in which he talked about approaching things in the future with optimism instead of negativity. He received a number of comments on the post asking about his rift with Mina, and her claims that Tad said some “awful stuff” to her via text.

“If optimism is so easy, then why is Mina saying you said horrible things to her?” one commenter asked, to which Tad responded, “It’s so not easy to be optimistic. There’s so many reasons one could find not to be. No one here is claiming perfection here. I have my woes and struggles too!”