One month after Good Bones aired its final episode on HGTV, Mina Starsiak Hawk and her brother Tad Starsiak are still at odds with each other. The drama has escalated so much between the siblings that she might not be on the guest list for his upcoming nuptials.

Mina, 38, sat down with comedian Alice Fraser on her “Tea With Alice” podcast on Tuesday, November 21, to discuss her ongoing rift with Tad, 30, and their last communication.

“I was over at [my dad’s] house picking up my kids because they spend a lot of time with my dad and my stepmom, not so much my mom, and I am on the outs with my 30-year-old brother, who is the one who worked for me for a while, and he said some pretty nasty stuff to me, and unfortunately he did it in writing, so it’s there,” she began.

Mina first revealed she was in a “challenging” place with Tad during an episode of her “Mina AF” podcast on August 28. Following a heated text exchange, Mina decided Tad was “not a good person for [her] to be around.” Their relationship still remains in shambles heading into the holiday season.

“I have given him so many opportunities in life because of all of the hard work I have done,” the Two Chicks and a Hammer owner explained. “I have shared those opportunities, and they were never owed to him, but he very much acts that way and treats me that way, and then said some really s–ty things that ended with, ‘Sucks to suck.’”

On top of her difficult dynamic with Tad, who is currently engaged to fiancée Anna Spiars, Mina revealed that she is in a hard predicament when it comes to spending time with her family around the holidays. “It just throws people for a loop,” she said about “setting boundaries” with certain members of her family.

Mina shared that her dad, Casey Starsiak, said she and Tad have to “figure it out” with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching.

“You’re the leader of the family; you’re the head of the family … no one is telling [Tad to] make s–t right, and so I am not just going to put myself in those situations,” she reflected on a recent conversation with her dad. “I would ask you, as the head of our family, if it’s very important for all of us to be here together to jump in. I would be happy to have some help in this situation, assessing it, solving it, making him understand maybe where he misstepped and how we can come back to a place of good.”

Tad Starsiak sits in a construction site
Courtesy of Tad Starsiak/Instagram

She continued, “But right now, all he has done is tell me he is engaged and that I’m probably not invited to his wedding,” adding, “Which is fine because I’m [almost] 39 and I’ve been to a lot of weddings. I don’t want to go to anymore.”

Mina went on to explain that because her dad is 75, it’s “important” for her to spend the holidays with him since “they are limited.” She has not ruled out the possibility of reconciling with Tad if he apologizes for his actions.

“He’s taking a long time to process the dick thing that he did,” the TV personality, who shares kids Jack and Charlotte with husband Steve Hawk, said. “And maybe the thing that he needs from me is to make my dad happy, so he’s going to apologize and make it right so we can all be together at Christmas.”