Mina Starsiak Hawk’s brother Tad Starsiak has been sharing vulnerable and inspirational content on his Instagram page since Good Bones aired its final episode in mid-October. In a video posted on Tuesday, November 14, the HGTV personality opened up about “struggling in silence” amid his ongoing family drama.

“Men may struggle in silence with different issues, but we have to break the silence and go talk to someone,” he captioned the clip. “We are men, but we are just human.”

In the video, Tad, 30, went through some of the scenarios in which men struggle in silence, including “not feeling like a good provider,” “imposter syndrome” and “not knowing how to communicate their feelings and emotions.” He encouraged his followers to “break the stigma” and “ask for help.”

Just a month earlier, the general contractor shared a post on his page about “releasing negative feelings.”

“We only get so much time to live on this Earth, why spend any amount on it being angry? It’s just not worth it,” the caption of the October 11 clip read.

While filming season 8 of Good Bones, it was revealed that Tad and Mina, 38, were not on “good terms.” The mom of two explained in a September 20 episode of her “Mina AF” podcast that she made the decision to “back away” from Tad after a tense text exchange.

“My brother Tad said some really awful stuff to me and I’m sure he would say that I’ve said some awful stuff to him too,” she recalled during the episode. “But the most recent stuff he said to me, he can’t say it’s not what he said. He can’t say I misunderstood. It’s in text and it’s black and white and that was kind of my final straw there.”

Tad Starsiak sits on porch in jean shorts
Courtesy of Tad Starsiak/Instagram

Despite their rift, Tad was thankful to Mina and her mom, Karen E. Laine, for letting him be a part of Good Bones over the seasons.

“To all the fans, I feel like you all watched me grow up, and there’s something special about that,” Tad captioned a series of photos from the Good Bones set on October 20. “To all those people who helped build me up and taught me what I know — Lenny, Terry, Brad, Cory, Mina, Adam, Zack and so many others, thank you. And most thanks to Mina and Karen, none of this would have been possible for any of us without you two.”

During the show’s series finale, viewers watched as Tad proposed to Anna Spiars in the newly renovated kitchen of their Indiana home.

“I do know my family, friends and I got the opportunity to do what so many dream to do,” he reflected. “I know that we got to shine a spotlight on my favorite place, Indy, and in some regards, put it on the map for some. I know we made a lot of people happy and excited getting to tune into a new episode of Good Bones every Tuesday, maybe providing them some carefree entertainment from crazy everyday life.”