Michael Bublé has had plenty of ups-and-downs these last couple of years, as on one hand he’s continued having success on the music front, but on the other hand he had to see his son battle cancer. And with all that is going on in Michael’s life, it is no surprise to hear that he leans on his family a lot and puts them as a priority. It’s also no surprise that his family have gone the healthy route with their food choices.

The 43-year-old recently spoke with The Mirror and discussed his family life, as well as balancing his career with his personal time. Michael revealed a peak into his life, saying, “We pick the kids up from school at 2pm and go to see my grandpa. He’s 91 and loves to spend time with them when we’re in Canada.” Michael adds, “My mom and dad may come round to our house and we’ll all go shopping or to the park to play games. I’m a huge hockey fan, but my boys love soccer. They call it football because of their Argentinian roots.” And believe it or not Michael and his family don’t have to go far to play hockey.

“I have an ice rink in my house,” Michael said. “I play ice hockey to keep fit and love it. I hate the gym – the minutes go by so slowly – but I can get a good sweat going on the ice.” Michael continues, “My wife is uber-healthy, so lunch is beef with salad or chicken salad. Sometimes it’s fish and salad. It’s a lot of salad!” Michael has been married to Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato since 2011, and they have three kids, 5-year-old Noah, two-year-old Elias, and four-month-old Vida.

Michael and Lu
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Things have gotten so green in Michael’s household that a hot dinner is now foreign. “I don’t think I’ve eaten a hot dinner in about five years,” the “Haven’t Met You Yet” singer reveals. “We all 
eat together as a family at 6pm (more salad!). I’ll watch cartoons with the boys before giving them a bath and reading to them in bed at 8.30pm.” Michael also mentions, “Since Vida was born, Lu and I have to work harder to find some time alone, especially while she’s locked into breastfeeding.”

But even with all the chaos, Michael makes sure never to put his music career ahead of his family, saying, “My family comes before my career. I’ll tour for three weeks then take two weeks off. It’s important for me to be fulfilled, and I enjoy bringing happiness and joy to this wonderfully cynical world, but 
never at the expense of my family and friendships.”

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Michael’s current album Love recently topped the charts in the UK, but Michael doesn’t care. The man is too busy trying to find a nearby microwave to toss his dinner in, for goodness sake!