It was just two years ago that Michael Bublé and his wife, Luisana Lopilato, learned that their son Noah, who is now five, had been diagnosed with liver cancer. But now that Noah is in remission, the 43-year-old singer has been inspired to return to music after some time off in order to record “something beautiful.”

On Friday, Nov. 16, Michael, 43, sat down on the ITV television show Loose Women to discuss the current state of his family and his music.

Michael Buble Singing
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“I think everyone knows what my family has gone through, it was obviously incredible and heavy,” Michael said. “Once my kid was okay and my family was trying to move on and heal, I just feel very simply there were so many moments I looked out into the world and I thought, honestly there is so much divides between people fighting I surely don’t want to add to the negativity.”

“I’ve been blessed with loving music and being grateful for the compassionate support my family received. I wanted to put something beautiful together that people could laugh to, cry to, make babies to… you can’t control good and bad days but you can control how you make other people feel,” he continued.

Michael And Noah Buble
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Michael described his album, titled Love, as his “most honest,” adding, “I hate how much the honesty cost me. I think a lot of these songs are about the light and the dark in love. That word love comes with pain and suffering and sometimes violence. It’s strange you know, to have a record, you really work hard you know when you have a dinner party, you’ve cooked it all and you’ve put the garnish on and within four minutes its gone and you sit there and go its all gone. That’s the difference between me and now. I realize I cannot control how people feel.”

Michael is slowly getting back to music. Not only does Love drop on Nov. 16, but Michael recently announced a 36-date world tour. But more importantly, Michael and his family know that Noah is healthy.