He’s setting the record straight! It’s been rumored over the past few days that music sensation Michael Bublé was retiring from his music career following his son Noah’s cancer battle. However, he cleared up the false talk in a new interview with SiriusXM’s Fantasy Sports Radio channel on Monday, Oct. 15.

“Well, it’s true. It’s all true,” he joked to hosts Mike Dempsey and Bob Harris when asked about the report. Michael, 43, added. “Just consider the source. I’m not going anywhere.”

Michael Buble
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Over the weekend, it was reported that Michael said he would not be returning to music. “I don’t have the stomach for it anymore. The celebrity narcissism,” he had allegedly told Daily Mail Weekend magazine. “This is my last interview. I’m retiring. I’ve made the perfect record and now I can leave at the very top.”

Michael’s toddler son is “doing well” today following his cancer battle, but Michael had once made it clear that his family is a priority over his music. “My job takes me all around the world, but I’ll never put the ego of the job ahead of my family. It’s the reason I’ve been gone for a couple of years. There was never a choice [when Noah got ill],” he told the Mirror.

He also admitted that he thought there was a time he wouldn’t come back to music during the toughest of times with Noah. “Honestly, what a beautiful life it is for me,” the proud dad said. “I thought I might never make music again. I knew if I came back into this world it would have to be bliss. And it is. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here. For two hours a night, you can forget how tough and cynical the world is and just dance with me. To me, that’s true joy.” We’re so glad Michael isn’t going anywhere!