Now this is great news! In an exclusive new interview with Closer Weekly, Regis Philbin, 86, opened up about his current health situation after years of dealing with heart and cholesterol woes.

“My health today is great! I’m doing everything I can to stay healthy in my retirement, and thanks to my diet and exercise regimen and daily statin medication, I’m able to enjoy life without the worry of having high cholesterol,” he shared. “Staying healthy allows me the freedom to travel between my home in New York and California, where [my wife Joy Philbin] and I travel frequently to spend time with our two daughters. I also continue to play tennis, and I follow the stock market to keep my mind sharp. I am overall more conscientious of my health because of my past experiences with heart disease.”

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Regis and his wife, Joy.

The former Live! host also spoke about undergoing triple bypass surgery in 2007 — and how the experience led him to make big lifestyle changes. “Before my first surgery, I wasn’t very disciplined when it came to my diet, but that all changed when I had my first heart scare and my doctor discovered my high cholesterol. I knew I had to make some pretty major lifestyle changes right away, including giving up the cheeseburgers and oatmeal raisin cookies that I loved so much,” Regis explained.

“Today, I stick to a heart-healthy diet — mostly chicken and vegetables for weekly dinners. I’ve also made exercise a more significant part of my regular routine, he said. “I try to work out at a gym a few days a week to help my strength and muscle tone, and lately, I’ve been trying to increase my cardio work with more exercises to get my heart rate up a few times a week, like a game of tennis or a walk with my wife, Joy. In addition, I take statin medication daily to manage my high cholesterol levels. I still enjoy the foods I’ve always loved, but in moderation.”

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