One TV friendship that is still going strong today is Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford‘s! The retired Live! host recently opened up about where he currently stands with his former co-host — and what he had to say about his time on the show was the sweetest!

“I still see Kathie Lee every so often, whether it’s a guest hosting gig or a dinner between old friends. I have nothing but fond memories of my many years on Live!,” Regis told Closer Weekly via e-mail. The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire alum also gushed that he truly enjoyed hosting the ABC talk show. “It’s no secret how much I enjoyed my time at Live! – I was always excited to start the day with a laugh and a cup of coffee! It was my home away from home,” he said.

These days, father-of-four Regis is enjoying retirement and spreading the word about heart health. “I was always very candid about what was happening in my life during my time on Live! and my heart disease and surgeries were no exception. I wanted the audience to realize the importance of speaking up about their own heart health with their doctor,” he explained.

“I’ve also used my platform to help educate the audience about statins, which have helped me to manage my own high cholesterol. I was shocked to learn that at least of half of the people who start a statin stop taking it within the first year, and often aren’t told by their doctor that there are multiple statin options available. I want others to know that just because you might have challenges with one statin, it doesn’t mean another won’t be right for you,” he told Closer.

regis philbin and kathie lee gifford

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