It has been a week since Michael Bublé dropped his 10th studio album Love, and the album has already found a home on top of the UK (and Scottish) charts. But is the 43-year-old Canadian jumping for joy, opening up some champagne and basking in his glory? Not exactly. In fact, Michael doesn’t really care how well his album is doing.

“I don’t give a s–t if things sell one or 10 million, I don’t care where I play, if it is at a club or a theatre or a stadium,” Michael tells Mirror, even telling his own management and record label never to tell him about reviews or where he lies on the charts.

Michael Buble
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“My kids are good, that’s all I care about,” Michael continues. “Making music is this bonus, the bonus of the happiness of life. I couldn’t even think about it. I don’t read anything, don’t have social media any more and my poor manager cannot tell me what the chart positions are because he knows I will cut the call. I don’t need to know that. I don’t have control over that.”

“Every second I get to promise myself to be the nicest, kindest person I can be,” Michael adds. “Everything else has gone out of the window – I can’t control them.”

Michael, who’s five-year-old son Noah battled cancer, recently said he wanted to make “something beautiful” upon returning to music.

“I think everyone knows what my family has gone through, it was obviously incredible and heavy,” Michael said. “Once my kid was okay and my family was trying to move on and heal, I just feel very simply there were so many moments I looked out into the world and I thought, honestly there is so much divides between people fighting I surely don’t want to add to the negativity.”

I’d like to think I wouldn’t give a s–t if something I created was successful, but I know the reality is that I would throw myself a party. Piñata included.