Not every girl wants a Barbie doll for their birthday! When Melissa McCarthy‘s daughter Georgette Falcone turned 10 years old, the mom of two got her a very special gift.

“Well, for your typical 10-year-old, I got her a Hong Kong harness. It’s what you use. It’s a stunt harness which is what you wear if you’re being jerked up or if you’re in a fight scene. Or if you’re in an explosion in a movie, it’ll pull you back. And that’s all she really wanted,” Melissa, 49, explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I love stunts so much so I kind of got her a baby stunt vest.”

Melissa McCarthy and daughter Georgette

As for Georgie’s birthday party, Melissa didn’t take a page out of anybody’s book. “So for her birthday party, we’re going to a parkour gym that my stunt woman Lucy runs,” she explained. “And I’m having riggers come because every time — she’s on set with me all the time — and she’s always like, ‘Can you hold me and take me up?’ Which I don’t. I’m not that bad of a mom.”

Even though the Spy actor will make sure Georgie is safe at all times, she still wants her daughter to have as much fun as possible. “She always wants to do stunts and flip around and do what I’m doing so we’re going to have guys safely and lovingly jerk her up to the ceiling,” Melissa said about her daughter’s big day. “And she was literally like, ‘Yes!'”

Melissa McCarthy Daughters

Not only is Georgette into doing stunts, but she also likes to play the violin. “Sometimes I’m like, ‘Are you on the string or are you on the wood?’ Because she’s just learning,” the brown-haired beauty told Ellen DeGeneres. “It’s not an easy instrument to learn.”

However, with her mother’s talents, Georgette can learn how to do anything she puts her mind to! We wonder what she’ll be when she grows up?