If there’s one thing that Melissa McCarthy wouldn’t trade for the world — it’s her family! Since 2005, Melissa, 48, has been married to her loving husband, Ben Falcone, and together they both share two beautiful daughters, Vivian Falcone, 11, and Georgette Falcone, 9.

In 2007, Melissa and Ben welcomed Vivian into the world, then three years later, the Tammy actress gave birth to their second kid, Georgette. Though the longtime couple have been working together in Hollywood for years, their kids started to become very interested in their career once they began filming their 2016 movie The Boss. They were so ready to become actresses that they asked their parents if they could appear in the film.

Melissa McCarthy Daughters

“They kept asking and we said no for months and [then] my oldest said, ‘Am I not allowed to even try?'” Melissa recalled in a previous interview with E! News. “She’s very smart and I said, ‘That’s good, you went right to it because I certainly can’t say you’re not allowed to try.’ So we spent the next month seeing really if she’d do it. She did great.”

After Georgette found out that her sister was going to be in the film, she begged her mom to let her do the same. “‘I wanna be in the movie,'” Melissa recalled her daughter asking, and shortly enough, Vivian and Georgette both made it to the big screen alongside their superstar momma!

However, if there’s one kid who acts the most like Melissa, it has to be eldest daughter, Vivian. During a previous appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Melissa recalled how Vivian shares her same hobby for interior design.

Melissa McCarthy Family

“Ben walked in and Viv and I were trying out a new bedspread I got, and Viv’s like (thoughtfully), ‘I just think it might compete with the headboard,” Melissa proudly revealed. “And I literally got weird, I got goosebumps.”

Melissa is such a great mom!

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