Meghan McCain gave her baby daughter the cutest name! The 35-year-old new mom revealed the heartwarming moniker she and husband Ben Domenech gave their first child, Liberty Sage McCain Domenech, shortly after her birth on Monday, September 28.

“We are excited to share the happy news that our @MeghanMcCain and her husband, Ben Domenech, have welcomed their first child, daughter Liberty Sage McCain Domenech!” The View tweeted. It seems the TV personality may have had her late father, John McCain, in mind when picking out the perfect name.

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“I wish that someone would have told me babe, that some day, these would be the good old days” ~ grief is an albatross, a cross to bear and a complete and total motherfucker. It wreaks havoc on your life in ways you could never anticipate. Like being stranded at sea – some days are calm winds and smooth sailing, others you’re holding on for dear life in a swell. I continue to be present, grateful and aware of how strong I have become. That withstanding the pain has just made me that much tougher, that much more of a fighter. My life is filled with blessings, love, distractions, support but it still doesn’t stop me from missing you all the time Dad… All of the fellow people who are still in it in grief, you’re not alone and you’re not crazy. 245 days…. I wish I could stop counting them. Everyone in this photo continues to carry me through it. You’re family, you’re love, you’re my ride or dies, you’re summer in the winter of my life. And to anyone who has something negative to say about sharing the reality of my journey instead of a muted, filtered, Pinterest perfect portrayal of life – please just unfollow if these posts make you uncomfortable. If that’s your vibe, I’m not the kind of chick you should be following on Instagram to begin with…..I’ve never been one to give in to beautiful lies. #FuckCancer

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According to, the name Liberty “means Freedom and is of American origin.” As for Sage, the moniker “means Herb or Prophet” and is also of the English origin.

Meghan shares her little bundle of joy with her husband, Ben Domenech, whom she’s been married to since November 2017. The View cohost announced she was expecting a child with him in an Instagram post she shared on March 22.

“My husband Ben and I have been blessed to find out I’m pregnant. Although this isn’t how I expected to announce my pregnancy, both we and our families are excited to share the news with you all,” the talk show host said. Due to her getting pregnant in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, Meghan’s doctor “advised” her to go into isolation.

“I should be extra vigilant about limiting the amount of people we come in contact with,” she said. “Starting immediately, I’ll be joining the millions of Americans who are self-isolating as a precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

While waiting for her baby’s arrival, Meghan said it was best to not share any details about her pregnancy on social media. In another Instagram post, she said she wanted to leave her child “out of the social media cesspool” after receiving harsh comments regarding her late dad, John McCain.

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Happy Birthday Dad. I love you always.

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“Ben and I have made the conscious decision to guard our (growing) [family’s] privacy as much as is possible,” she explained on May 28. “I believe children have a right to privacy and hope you will all understand as we navigate this as much as possible going forward without sacrificing our comfort or safety.”

Since then, Meghan hasn’t shared any photos of her growing baby bump or talked about the excitement she feels as a new mother. She has, however, shared some selfies of her at home. On July 3, the Dirty Sexy Politics author posted a pic of herself standing in front of a TV and wished her fans a happy 4th of July. Then on July 28, she took another selfie in the same spot and captioned it, “Somedays chickens, somedays feathers.”

But now that her baby is here, Meghan might open up a little more about her blessed life at home.